Outsourcing services
Outsourcing is the support of business solutions by specialists of a third-party company.

Outsourcing is provided as a service for a specific area with a subscription service. The services are provided by the outsourcing company on the terms agreed by the parties on the basis of a certain fee for a certain period, even if there were no requests for services during this period.

Types Outsourcing services




Outsourcing is more justified if it is used by new companies, where reducing the cost of ensuring the operation of the business is one of the key factors for its development.


These are savings of various means, the possibility of reducing the cost of services compared to the cost of maintaining your own structure, saving your workplace, the ability to focus on processes that directly bring profit to the company, and reducing indirect costs.


Outsourcing is the support of business solutions by specialists of a third-party company by transferring by the organization, on the basis of an agreement, certain types or functions of industrial entrepreneurial activities with another company operating in the required area.

Additional outsourcing services

this is a wide area of use of services in terms of providing technical support for infrastructure, which includes:

Support and maintenance-1C Accounting

Coworking - center provides 1C Accounting software with support on its platform.

Support and maintenance-1C Document Management

Coworking - center on its platform provides the software “1C: Document management” with support.