List of April Events.
List of April Events. Date: 01.04; 08.04; 22.04; 29.04. Time: 18:30 Event: «English club» Attendance cost: 50 TMT (50% discount for students and pupils). Are you ready to overcome your fear of speaking English? Then you definitely need to visit us at the English club evenings! Benefits of «English club» visiting: • New acquaintances. • English speaking practice. • Variety of topics, receiving and sharing new information. • Overcoming the language barrier. • Good mood. Date: 07.04.; 14.04; 28.04. Time: 18:30 Event: «Mask off» intellectual entertaining game Attendance cost: 50 TMT. Danger. Doubt. Suspicions. Slander. Excuses. Dispute. Silence. Try your deductive skills with us! “Mask Off” game is not only a great way to test your ability to lie and identify lies, but also to have fun and make new friends! Every Wednesday at 18:30 we are waiting for you at “Iş Nokady”, join this exciting game. (Seats are limited, up to 15 people). Date: 12.04; 19.04; 26.04. Time: 18:30 Event: A series of trainings on the topic: 21st Century Skills. Participation cost: 150 TMT. Do you want an interesting training session where you will definitely not get bored? So there it is! On April 12, 19 and 26, various topics will be touched upon, which narrow down to one most pressing question "How to adapt in the modern world?", because time changes trends so quickly and forces us to constantly adapt to modern realities. A group of certified trainers, participants of the European Union project with significant experience in the field of education, will share with you their knowledge in one of the areas of "Soft skills" - through communication with the audience and interactive games in which each participant will be involved. You will have the opportunity to understand how important development is and in what direction you need to move in order to achieve more. Hurry up to sign up, places are limited!! A maximum of 25 participants are allowed to attend. No age limit!! You can sign up on any day convenient for you. Date: 24.04. Time: 16:00 Event: Training on the topic "Team building: effective team interaction." Participation cost: 150 TMT. Age restrictions: from 20 years old. There is one peculiarity in the psychology of relationships between colleagues: almost every team can be united. You can confidently set ambitious goals for a cohesive and effective team. So how do you build your dream team? On April 24 a competent HR specialist and experienced trainer Andrey Skopov invited by us will help you to get an answer to this question. Through group work, exercises and discussions, the key points that you will master at the end of the training will be considered, namely: conditions, principles and tools for forming a cohesive team, as well as examples of activities for creating it. The training will be especially useful for those holding managerial positions (heads of departments, companies, organizations). Seats are limited, no more than 20 participants are allowed to visit. Registration is carried out by phone: +993 12 46-81-65