Business breakfast at Iş Nokady.

Business breakfast at Iş Nokady.

On November 26, a business breakfast was held at the Iş Nokady coworking center, which was attended by heads of various fields of activity.

The business breakfast began with the topic "Crisis as an opportunity" presented by Daniil Maikovsky, Business Development Director of MCT Agency.

“Now the strongest economic crisis is raging in the world, which has no analogues for the last 70 years.

Turkmenistan, as a country with a relatively small economy, is quite strongly involved in the world market, therefore, this crisis directly affects us.

What to do?

Many “went underground”, “sat in an ambush” - that is, they decided to wait it out, and turned on the survival mode.

Is it correct?

For many people it is quite normal.

But the crisis is also a time of increased turbulence in the markets, due to the fact that, firstly, certain market players do not withstand the crisis and “go out of the way” (this means that competitors must share the part of the leaving player), but, most importantly (and the current crisis clearly demonstrates this) - consumer habits are changing; habits, needs and preferences.

In some cases, this happens forcedly (for example, a change in the habit of consuming ready-made food from “go somewhere” to “order somewhere delivery”), in other cases the changes are less noticeable and occur a little slower, and are associated with attitudes towards cleanliness, habits use of gadgets, etc.

So, the crisis is also a time of new opportunities.

It is very difficult to enter a divided market. And, now, such a division is unstable or is collapsing.

New habits, needs and preferences of people require adequate business models to satisfy them (which traditional businesses cannot do) - it's time to offer something new and win your consumer."

Also, in this difficult period, the topic of distance education is more relevant than ever, therefore the MBA training program from the Russian business school City Business School was also presented at the business breakfast. Representatives of City Business School Turkmenistan spoke of the specificities of education, presented the advantages of the school and received a lot of advice and recommendations on the development and promotion of MBA education in Turkmenistan.