Training for beginner startups

Since gaining Independence, the number of individual entrepreneurs and ES’s in Turkmenistan is increasing every year. We can be proud of our economic achievements in all areas. On the background of previous types of work, more and more new activities appear, expanding the potential that must not only meet the demands of the modern world realities, but also the ordinary everyday life of each person.

In this regard, in our training, we would like to focus on startups and raise acute problems related to entrepreneurs, IEs, ESs or ordinary citizens interested in new ideas for a startup.

The main speaker will be Annamammedov Merdan Orazovich, General Director of IE "Nurlyderdent", founder of TF holding (activity field – trade).

In order to determine in which area to begin a startup, the level of education and particular areas literacy will be determined. After that, participants will be provided with several ideas for the startup.

Training date: 26.11.2020

Time: 18: 30-20: 00

You can book training by phone:

+993 12 46-81-65

+993 61 34-93-58

Participation price - 60 TMT.